to some cool asian guy :) 

you tell yourself, they’re your everything, you can’t let them go,

you love them with all your heart and all your soul.

but they hardly remember your face and can’t even say your name

they wont even try to give you the time of day.

and you fight so hard, because you believe in what you had

only to bring up painful memories, to make you feel sad.

you dont realize how much you sell yourself short

you dont see YOU, like youve seen yourself before.

and all this time, you thought no one could love you the way you’ve been loved

not to realize what you have is so much more above,

what you see when you look in the mirror,

then comes that that one person, that makes u suddenly see clearer.

you’re beautiful inside, kind,intelligent and then some.

carefree, openminded, didn’t matter where you came from.

small in stature, but so big at heart.

you have always been amazing, right from the start.

you don’t need someone to remind you each day

because the ones that love u most, have the very least to say.

they see you more than you see yourself,

you don’t have to listen to anyone else.

thank you for seeing me, for what I never thought I was worth,

and making me see the difference what I want…

and what I deserve.


I know I don’t have the words to say to make your pain go away, I’m sorry I can’t be by your side and hold your hand to understand and be that one person you confide.. But i’m here for whenever you need, because I know how much she meant to you, your family and because I fell in love with her sweetness and her kind smile. If I ever believed in heaven.. I truly believe in this time.. because I know she’s there watching out for you like she always has <3


"You can say what you have to say
‘cause my mind’s made up anyway
I’m taking the high road going above you
this is the last time that I’m gonna trust you
You can say what you have to say
‘cause my mind’s made up anyway
all that bullshit you talk might work a lot
but it’s not gonna work today" 
"People say you don’t know what you had until it was gone, but what if it’s not someone, what if it was someTHING, something you never knew YOU had… until they were gone."  - M.N.

"But I don’t need a soul, no I dont need a soul to hold… Without you I’m still whole."  - Relient K

one week and counting sigh

one week and counting sigh



strangers, again  

They say you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,

but i knew what i had… i just did him wrong.

Made myself believe that i was incapable of getting hurt,

built up a wall, but.. it didn’t work..

and in time.. it started to all fall,

getting mad at each other, over nothing at all.

Took the little things for granted, the things that REALLY matter

and didn’t even notice until so long after

that the good morning phone calls that brighten each day

and the sweet dream good nights that make everything okay.

The inside jokes that not even the closest would understand,

and walking with one another hand in hand.

I don’t know what happened, I find myself thinking

our tolerance for each other began shrinking and shrinking.

But it wasn’t always like this, i know because i remember

from the beginning of summer til the end of December..

We were so happy and nothing else seemed to get in the way

ignoring friends’ phone calls and couldn’t wait til the end of the day..

to hold each other tight, to feel safe and and secure

everything that i wish, we could’ve held so dear.

they call it, comfortable, when we stop trying

and if i said i wasn’t comfortable.. i would be lying.

No longer did the little things matter to me anymore

not even getting ready with the clothes that i wore.

And in that time i thought being a good friend meant sharing in their grief and drinking til dawn 

it didn’t even phase me, what i have done wrong.

and so his patience grew weary for after trying so long.

Why would he forgive me for the things that i’ve done,

if i were him i would’ve just got up and run

He said he wouldn’t let anyone get in the way

but he still had trust issues at the end of the day.

It’s funny how life works

you make yourself tough so you don’t get hurt,

to only have it backfire on you

and there’s nothing, nothing you can do.

Don’t let others influence your behavior to make you feel like you have to be someone you’re not,

because for me, changing myself… lost me the only thing that i’ve got..

and in time, the pain lessens, it will never go away forever, 

but i’ll always cherish this life we shared together.

"Our lives will continue on in different directions, toward the inevitable end…Becoming…Strangers, again."

LTS | PnoyOnline